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Early September 2004
The Rugged Oregon Coast! Sun and fog and sunsets from the edge of the contintent.

Late August 2004
Onward on this summer's route. Crater Lake, then over the mountains toward the coast.

August 2004
I boldly pick up where I left off last September and head across Eastern Oregon

Winter 2003- 2004
I guess "Winter" is subject to argument. Another tough season in the tropics.


Mid September 2003
Northeastern Oregon at the turn of the season.
Early September 2003
Scenes from across the beautiful state of Idaho.
August 2003
Off into the sunset. Colorado to Utah, Wyoming, Idaho.
July 2003
A ride through the SW Colorado high country to Grand Junction.
June 2003
A quick trip into the desert of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.
February 2003
A hike and limp along the rugged and beautiful Na Pali Coast of Kauai

October 19, 2002
Ironman Triathlon in Kona Hawaii.
Fianally added in August '03
September 2002
Alaska and Glacier Bay
August 25, 2002
Further adventures in BC. North and West to the coast!
August 5, 2002
Travels through British Columbia, Canada
July 31, 2002
I "ride" with the locals in Lillooet, BC.
July 15, 2002
My failed attempt to quickly escape the San Juans. Whee!
June 27, 2002
The San Juan Islands and Northwest corner of Washington.
May 20, 2002
Recent months in Hawaii. Lotsa rides. Scenic beauty. Local flora.
May 8, 2002
Stunning photo collage from my underwater photography career.
April 7 , 2002
Lavaman Triathlon 2002
on the Kona Coast.

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2001 and Earlier
October 6, 2001
Ironman Triathlon 2001
in Kona, Hawaii.
2001. Pictures of a summer's worth of riding in
Grand Junction, Colorado
June 17, 2001
Elam Criterium
Grand Junction, Colorado
Boulder Offroad Alliance Social Ride at Hall Ranch
Lyons, Colorado
Boulder Roubaix
Boulder, Colorado
Hard Rock Criterium
Kona, Hawaii
Stazio Criterium
Boulder Colorado
Kahua Mountain Bike Race
Kohala, Hawaii
The Big Island of Hawaii

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