Mothballed Videos:

These videos were taken with my old low-res, low frame-rate camera. They still offer up a little fun.

March 2, 2005 Taking the Spinner for a Spin - New plane in the hanger. 60" discus launch thermal/slope plane. 2.2 MB
7.2 MB

February 20, 2005 LavaWing goes to Maui - Flying the beautiful cliffs at Nakalele with some island residents. "Fairly light" trade winds. 5.4 MB
15.5 MB

January 17, 2005 8270 Foot Slope - Three-and-a-half hours up to a remote volcano top, attempts to fly the crater, then slope and thermal lift from the summit ridge. 15.1 MB

January 06, 2005 Kona Wind - Gusty south winds on our local slope. In-field plane mods. Mixed with a calm eveming's flight. 3.4 MB
9.5 MB

November 23, 2004 The Wind, The Wheel, The Wing - Fossil fuel-free fun! Kona. Including the maiden flight of the 7up Weasel. 7.4 MB

November 15, 2004 Kona, Hawaii. Mongoose (Weasel) Maiden Flight 3.3 MB
10.9 MB

June 27, 2004 Denver, Colorado. Flying with Ed Berg of UpSlopeSailplanes. Pick a size: 3.3 MB
10.7 MB

June 15, 2004 First Thistle Slope Flight 3.3 MB

May 29, 2004 Classic Hand Launch Glider Fun 3.3 MB

May 17, 2004 "Daisy" the Easy Star thrown off a cliff 0.5 MB

May 17, 2004 R/C Pilot thrown off a cliff 0.5 MB

April 30, 2004 Seeker Hand Launch Glider in Flight 1.5 MB





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