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December 6, 2008 Derailleur's Eye View. Low, low angle video experiement on my single speed bike on local rocky trails. Yes, I realize there is no deraileur on a single speed bike. (And no chain, either, in this case.)


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September 21, 2008 Haypress Trail. Finally experimenting with having video cameras mounted on the bike. This is a short one from the aspen groves south of town. 8.3 MB

December 21 , 2007 Round the Block... A quick one. Literally, some riding in my neighborhood. Just to do some testing of a new mini helmet video camera by Go Pro. 5.1 MB

September 15 , 2007 Bikeabout... I used footage from my 2004 trip across Oregon to create this Day In The Life on Bikeabout video. Entered it in the Silver Spoke Film Festival (Grand Junction) in May '07. Now it's here. Enjoy. 17.1 MB

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March 23, 2005 One Fine Sunday... Kona-side cloud forest ride on the Big Island of Hawaii. 3.5 minutes. 17 MB

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