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August 2003

I've just completed a whole series of updates. Things that should've been done months ago, lots of new photos, photo essays, and a new adventure tale.

All I need now is a few more weeks of otherwise idleness to freshen up and refine the whole site. Which is probably not going to happen.

One thing I would change would be to remove this Latest Update page, since the front page of the site is doing the job quite nicely. So stop reading this, go back to the Wander Page, and start exploring and enjoying.



I started this stuff when I took off traveling a couple years ago, I started writing and taking lots of pictures. Soon I was emailing these back to friends and family who were gracious enough to give me some positive feedback. This website has grown out of that.

Any comments pertaining to confusing links, broken links, speling erorz, or other surfing hazards will be greatly appreciated. Any comments pertaining to your enjoyment of the site are also appreciated. Email me at (Just click it) and I'll get it no matter where I'm wandering.

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