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Last week I attended a couple evenings of the Kona Classic Underwater Photography and Art Festival and saw some great photography. Reef fish, dolphins, whales, seals, sharks, rays, turtles, and all sorts of weird critters. Inspired by the images of some of the world's top underwater photographers and heedless to the years of experience it took to capture them, I thought, "Hey, I could do that."

Yesterday morning I went out and bought an underwater camera. I wanted to go all out and get the best, so I did just that. I got the absolute best underwater camera that Walmart had. And at $12.95, I think the purchase shows my excellent taste and technical astuteness. This camera has all the important features: You can point it, AND you can shoot it. Whoo hoo! 27 pictures and good to go down to 75 feet!

I took it out in the afternoon while the sun was still bright. Dove into the water about 5 minutes stroll from where I'm staying. (Why am I leaving?) Bright clear water, and I didn't get anywhere near 75 feet deep. Shot off that roll of film in a mere 45 minutes. And, if I must say so myself, got excellent and profound results, but you be the judge. I got a good assortment of bright fish, big ulua, deep underwater caves, a turtle, and a man running along the bottom thirty feet down carrying a rock... And several shots of what appears to be absolutely nothing. It was a little awkward trying to figure out how to get better shots when I couldn't check them immediately. Next time I'm getting a $12.95 digital camera.

Diving was a little more diffucult while I was out taking pics. Partially because I had my Bikeabout Adventure Hat on under my mask strap (since my head was red from sunburn the day before) and the hat kept filling up with air and made it tougher to go deep. The picture taking and sneaking up quietly on fish was so involving that I occasionally neglected to remember that I had to swim back to the surface to breathe.

I got one hour processing, then took the prints home and took pictures of them with my digital camera. I think this process adds to the high quality artistic value of the images. If there is any actual merit to these pics, it's more a testament to the beautiful waters off Kona Hawaii than any effort of my own.

If I ever stop riding my bike, you might find me underwater.

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