Trek Fall Demo Tour - Moab, Utah

November 2008

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I was asked to help guide three days of riding in Moab. The riders were expected to be Trek industry people from Wisconsin. Ended up being that, and some folks connected to Trek dealers in Colorado, Utah, and Montana. My job, as one of three guides, was to carry even more stuff than usual: extra tubes, clothes, food, water. Help with any mechanicals -- primarily flat tires. Shout out some encouragement. And to enjoy the ride and take lots of photos.

My fellow guides and I met on a wet afternoon a day early, and did a little playing at Slickrock. Landon was busting some nice moves on the moist rock as the day burned down to dark.

Day One of the tour, the morning was cool and occasionally moist. We took a small group of Wisconsin folks up to Slickrock to show them what it was all about.

In the afternoon, we took a larger group north of town to the Sovereign Trail. Sunshine was piercing between scattered clouds. Great variety of terrain on that ride. Our group was strong, overall, and had a great attitude.

Day Two we took a huge group and shuttled to LPS. Some riders left from town and met us at the overlook. We rode Porcupine Rim all the way to the highway, then back to town. Fast riders. Slow riders. All with good attitudes and everyone enjoying the scenery and having fun.

Day Three: On the sunny but chilly morning, Landon lead our smaller, tough group out of town and up Amasa Back and down Rockstacker and Jackson's trails -- a great loop that I hadn't done before. Excellent scenery, exposure, and huge variety of technical challenges.