Spring and Summer

March through September 2008 - Desert and high country rides.

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Winter didn't stop my riding very much. Slowed it down, for sure. One sign of spring was being able to ride in shorts without bringing along a whole pile of potential clothing options. Like the winter riding I did, the background roar of spring and summer riding was on the excellent local trails. Good variety of trail types, as long as they're desert-ish.

One variation took a friend and I up the Book Cliffs, a tough push/climb up what is referred to as the world's longest continuous escarpment. (140 miles from Palisade, Colorado to Green River, Utah, with no drainages cut all the way through it.)

Before the season got too hot, I joined up on a trip to Moab for the interesting riding that makes it a rider's mecca.

Another variation was night riding. As summer began to heat up, the night's coolness welcomed us, and added a new feel to familiar trails.

Once the heat locked down on comfortable riding in the desert during the day, I managed a few forays into the Colorado high country, for sleek singletrack through green and wild flower-filled meadows and twisting trails through tight aspen trees.

Summer's other pleasures were local fruit -- peaches, apricots, cherries, -- and a slew of other fruits and vegetables at the local farmer's markets.

Local lizards had the trails to themselves on hot weekends.

There are some trails close to nearby Olathe that got some exploring and deserve some more.

It's nice, though, to not have to go further than the edge of town for some world-class riding.