Winter Riding '07-'08

This winter has been good for me and for riding.

I got back to Western Colorado in late December for a winter that many folks thought was unreasonably cold and snowy. I made use of the cold by riding the local trails while they were snowy and frozen. On sunny days, the snow could get slushy and unridable, and our local bentonite mud could get both slick and sticky. So I avoided that by riding at night when the slush and soil was solid and frozen and offered great traction.

Earlier, before it got deep, the cross bike was sufficient on the frozen land.

As the snow got deeper, the wider tires and bigger knobs of my mountain bike were more appropriate to the task.

One sunny day in nearby Moab...

Into the dark above Grand Junction.

Muddy stream by day, red ice by night, on the Tabeguache Trail.


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