c1938 Schwinn Paramount

This bike was in my hands for a little while. It came through the shop for a partial restoration. Interesting classic track bike. Skip tooth chain and rings. Brake has been added relatively recently. Stem is new. Handlebars are steel and look like they might be original. Wheels? I'm not sure. Might be original or at least vintage hubs, but the original rims were probably wood. Borrowed pedals.

Getting it apart was a chore requiring the force of several men, levers, and a torch. I put new bearings in the bottom bracket and headset when it came back from getting powdercoated. And got it re-assembled.

The ride is very languorous and comfortable. Nothing like the snappy, stiff feel of the modern track bikes I've ridden. Styles have changed in 70 years, I suppose. The huge, thick chainring and cog are very interesting. Fun to ride this piece of history. I think the customer will appreciate the transformation.

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