Inside InterBike
The last three days of the show took place inside a giant convention hall. Barely believable multitudes of booths of all sizes were set up to display the latest wears. Manufacterers and distributors of bikes and bike parts were clamboring for attention. Some displays were very high glitz, while others were homely. Some showed off cutting edge products, some showed traditional products, some showed laughable or highly questionable products. And not just bikes and bike parts, but clothing, bags, lights, energy foods, hydration systems, helmets, electric drive systems, video systems, music players... Any thing that could be connected to a bicycle or to a bicycling lifestyle.

Amid all this mayhem, I wandered in a daze. A few things
jumped out at me.

This man was trying to drum up interest in his bicycle that is pedaled by both legs and arms. And judging by the video he was displaying, it very nearly works.

This was the fastest looking bike at the whole show. Made by an Brent Ruegamer, a friend of mine from when we both lived in Hawaii. I didn't ask if it was a fixed gear or free, but it looks fixed. He didn't offer to let me ride it.

Lots of shiny parts for the fixed gear bikes I've been fascinated with lately.

Notice SRAM's new component line. (It's in the display case on the left in case you missed it.) SRAM was one of several vendors who hosted parties, where, if you were very loud and obnoxious, or willing to elbow your fellow party goers in the throat, you could score some free stuff. I got nuttin'.

My new car? Carbon fiber shell over a tricycle. I'd get to be the motor.

Amid the space-age uber bikes, I tended to notice things more elegant and old-school. Like this beautiful steel Waterford.

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