Dirt Demo
The first two days of InterBike were devoted to riding new bikes. Manufacturers brought all kinds of bikes and we rode them, learning about new bikes we'll be selling this year, and learning about bikes we'd like to be able to sell this year. The trails were out of Boulder City, Nevada at Bootleg Canyon. Some smooth swoopy trails, and a shuttle ride up to some steeper, rockier trails. Also a section of road for the road bikes.

I didn't take many picture since I was busy riding bikes.

Like riding with a thousand of your closest friends.

Top of the shuttle ride.

Landon launches a Norco.

One of the stars of the dirt was the Spot Brand single speed 29er. Nice ride with a new twist: a belt drive system. Time will tell if this will change the industry, or become another blind alley into the future.

Freeride Love.

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