Riding my fixed gear bike continues to be fun. There's something fascinating about the juggernaut inevitability of the constant locked-in pedaling. And the feeling of controlling acceleration and deceleration with the pedals. And how hard it can be to climb and descend hills -- lets me know how easy I make it on myself when I have gears.

I've been messing with the parts. It was built with racing in mind, I guess. The drops were so low that I wasn't particularly comfortable riding in them.

I "flopped and chopped" a drop bar into a set of bullhorn bars, but they were too narrow and my fun tapered off. I put the original bars back on, then I tried out several bars in the shop before finding that this Origin Tiki Bar put my hands where I was most comfortable, and they're super wide, and give me lots of leverage for sprinting. Yes, they usually go the other way, but they feel great like this, and I don't mind frightening any track racers I might happen across. Had a little fun with the bar caps.

I also swapped out the rear cog. The 48x16 was making me skid on the same two places on the tire. I put on a 17t cog for a slightly lower gear and a more even tire wear.

The original saddle was too soft for me. I traded out for a super firm Fuji saddle that no one else likes. Then put on this classic Brooks to see what it's all about. It looks out of place on this bike, so even if it's comfortable, I'll probably put the Fuji back on.

Other plans:
Better pedals. Not sure if I'll get nicer toe-clip pedals, or go clipless.
I'll probably put on a brake soon, which will make even less tire wear. And might keep me from careening into something.
Eventually I'll take off the stock-crap reflectors. But I keep doing lots of riding at night. And I know they really annoy some bike people, so that's fun.
Probably won't change much else until I break something or wear it out. Just ride it.

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