Moving On
November 28, 1999
Kona, Big Island, Hawaii
Dear family, friends and gratuitous hangers-on,

I am leaving Hawaii.  And moving to...  Well, if nothing else, at least a new email address which I will be checking much less frequently, at least for a while.  My physical address will be somewhere near the seat of my bicycle.

You have probably heard that the Australian aborigine had an activity we call Walkabout, in which "regular" life was interrupted by a period of wandering.  It is in this spirit that I have chosen the following email addresses: [Note: this was originally, just in case you're interested]

At this point it is hard to tell you where I'm going, because I'm still working on it.  I will be gone from my current place and phone number at the end of November (Hmm.  Two days.  I'd better get packed.)  But thanks to email, I will be findable.

As I understand it, the Walkabout was undertaken for the purpose of spiritual cleansing.  I will be sure to point out and describe in detail any large chunks of spiritual crap that become dislodged in the process of my bikeabout.

Stay tuned.





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