The Bikeabout world was rocked by the theft of the signature Bikeabout Bike on Sunday night, October 6th. Should Ofs and What Ifs abound, and sleep is disturbed by visions of violence. The bike was taken from just outside the Hawaiian Pedals shop in Kona, Hawaii. Thief or thieves are considered fools to steal such a uniquely evolved bicycle on a relatively small island where most bike-connected people are at least tacitly familiar with the bike. Nevertheless, the bike remains missing.

Bikeabout adventurer and bike-lifestylist Gregory Luck remains reasonably mobile by way of a borrowed 12-year-old undersized mountain bike with a shocking pink fork. The borrowed bike is kept locked when not in use.

The missing bike is a 19" grey Rocky Mountain (Brand) Hammer Race (Model) with a yellow Mamitou Mars front shock (with no stickers). There is a distinctive large black KORE stem (the part that holds the handlebar), XT hollowtech cranks, XTR front and rear deraileurs, Avid brakes, and many other custom accessories. The wheels are different than in this photo, with a Rynolite rim in the rear and XT hubs. (No red spokes.)

Also missing with the bicycle: a large green and black Ortleib rear pannier, three headlights, two tail lights, a cable lock (not used recently), pump, Wolfman seatbag, ratty Headland rackbag, worn Sidi Dominator bike shoes, swim goggles, camp towel, patch kits, a very ugly hat, a rusty old handlebar bell with a sweet Bikeabout ring, and a very long string of happy memories.

Spring '03 Update:

Bike is considered long gone. Hard earned money has been spent on a replacement. Or, something like a replacement. The old bike was an evolution, as pieces and parts were replaces and upgraded with the best type of equipment for the kind of riding I do. The new bike is off-the-shelf, with few important changes. The rest will have to wait for time and money, and will have to evolve and refine itself over time. home