What the heck am I doing in Colorado? One minute I'm living in a tropical island paradise, and the next minute (Well... several hours) I'm freezing my ass off in a desolate winter wonderland. You'd think that I'd have a brain in my skull and know that this is not the direction that I intended to go. In fact, I have been dreaming of Borneo.

Borneo. The exotic and deadly island.

I'm still trying to remember why I ever started dreaming of going to Borneo. It seems like the problem started during college. I was moaning about life's little difficulties and somehow it occurred to me to thank my lucky stars that I wasn't in Borneo with (probably) the exact same problems AND leeches trying to suck my blood out and poison snakes trying to poison me and malarial mosquitoes swarming all around and headhunters pursuing me through the untamed jungle into dark caves full of bat shit.

And then somehow, it got all twisted in my head. As I dodged (or was dodged by) the more common adventures of life, of wives and houses and children, I started to think that maybe life in Borneo would be just the sort of adventure that I needed.

So, I quit my eight-year career, sold my car, moved most of my stuff into a storage unit. Then I took my bicycle and a big bag and I moved. To Hawaii.


I don't have any regrets about moving to Hawaii. Good times. Great friends. Cool adventures. Lots of things that I probably needed. And maybe it was a good step toward getting adjusted to Borneo. I don't know yet.

But what am I doing in Colorado? I'm visiting the family. Hanging in Boulder. Chopping wood on the mountain at Dad's house. Doing the holiday thing. And getting ready to disappear into the jungle.

Soon. Soon.


Note: If you want a great look at what are probably all the wrong reasons for going to Borneo, try reading "Into the Heart of Borneo" by Redmond O'Hanlon.

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