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Toward Another Ride - Re-told tale from 2008 to cover for my lack or riding lately. (Why no riding? That story here.)

Dixie 311 - 8 Days of Bikepacking through Southern Utah.

Bikeabout Guide to Road Snakes - A helpful guide to our fine slithering friends.

Hunter and Hunted - Predator and prey and the oldest game.

Business: Web design, image design, copy writing and editing, photography

It is something I've been doing for years now. At last I give it its own home.

Pleasure: Technology Marches Onward

Instead of sadly neglecting this website, I'm making the jump to a (Gasp!) Blog for an easier way to share my photos and stories. This will remain as a repository of my older tales and as a possible future project.There WILL be futher adventures involving bikes and riding in beautiful and interesting places. The current plan, though, is to use the blog for new stuff.

Another interesting development is that the Blog is a shared project. I am joined by an artistic and adventuresome parter who has added some breadth to my adventures; and joined as well by some furry four-legged friends who now add interest (and lots of dog hair) to my life.

Thanks for checking in! Have fun! Whee!

Dirt & Dogs


New Calendar for 2010!
Landscape shots that happen to have riders in them!

"Lose yourself in singletrack scenes where riders play in a landscape as breathtaking as the steep trails they ride."

Yes. It's that time of year again. And not quite as last minute as in previous years. You still have time to mark your upcoming dates on a calendar with some of my best shots of the year. All from Colorado and Utah this year.

Keep your stoke through the year and make lots and lots of plans to ride. There are more than 365 opportunities on this calendar alone!

Buy yours now!

Bigger View!

August - Flow Down
Moonlight Meadow to Moab

The popular mountain bike magazine Dirt Rag is printing my impressionistic essay of a mountain-to-desert ride. The story and one photo will appear in the August 2009 issue (#144). This should be available at your local news stand as of about mid-August.

For more photos from this ride, please take a look here!


There is way too much fun to be had here in my neighborhood. I have not been taking the time to sit inside sorting photos from Chile. Instead I've been out riding and hiking and splashing and exploring. See above for one sample of what's going on.

March - Back from South America
February: Late summer in Chile

I'm back from a "bike tour" in southern Chile. It was a heck of an adventure and either way to short a time or way too long. I'm still not quite sure which. Most of the adventure feeling was due to the language barrier and the local transportation, plus an erupting volcano that changed my plans, and a week of unseasonable rain... Not quite as much actual bike touring as I'd hoped. But yes, an adventure.

For the long-winded tale of me whimpering and moaning about the challenges and difficulties, read the trip

Otherwise, stay tuned here and I'll have the photos and a shorter narrative -- in which I will attempt to make it look like it was easy.


Video: How Low Can You Go?
I'm always interested in a new perspective. So I stuck two video cameras on the bike. One about as low as I could go. Then rode the local singletrack. See it!
November: Trek Fall Demo Tour
I helped guide a group in Moab, Utah and got some great shots out of it. And had fun, too. Go There!
Autumn: Fall Colors and Rides
Autumn makes for great riding. Nice colors for photos, too. Despite missing three weeks of the season by visiting the tropics, I still managed to have some fall fun. See the pics!
October: Ironman, Kona, Hawaii
Photos of the World Championshop triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. Go There!
Spring and Summer : Colorado and Utah, desert and high country riding.
Belated photos from a long season of riding. See them!
October 19
A day of bike adventure in the deep coastal valleys of Hawaii's Big Island. See it!
September 21
A short, enjoyable video experiement, running two cameras on the bike in a local aspen forest.
See it!
April 24
Update: Several steps forward toward finishing my own bike frame.
See it!
Some strange ideas occur to me and I make shirts from them. Shop now!
Bikeabout Journal
This year's adventure is a fairly smooth continuation of last year's. Meaning that I continue to work with bikes every day. And I live in a town where great rides start right at my doorstep.


•During part of November and December I went to Hawaii for work and pleasure. Did some good riding with friends. Took some photos. Click!

•I did lots of Winter riding in Grand Junction and nearby environs. Click!

•I'm building my own bicycle frame, and experimenting with a new kind of bike. Click!

A Phlog of our road trip to the Bicycle Industry trade show.
See it!
Classic Fixed Gear c1938
Photos of a track bike restoration.
See it!
Bikeabout Video
A day in the life, traveling by bike. Watch it!
Fixed Gear Update
Sept 18 My evolving fixed gear bike.
Life and riding are Good in Grand Junction. I've been having fun on the bike and getting some good shots this year. See the pics!
What happens when you strip a bicycle down to its very soul? Read.

There have been a serious lack of updates in recent history. Mosty due to my current obsession with this. Be it known that the adventures continue. Even if you don't get to hear about them properly.

I have moved from Hawaii to Western Colorado. The riding is excellent. The opportunities vast. Glad to be here!
August: Desolation Canyon
A pleasant float trip through this remote portion of the Green River in Utah. See the Pics!

Anchorage, Alaska
How far do I have to go to get away from Hawaii? Read the start of what could be an amazing adventure here.
Winter in Hawaii, '04-'05
Has this been my last winter in Hawaii? Changes are afoot. See the Pics!
I've finally gotten this posted. The conclusion of the '04 Summer Bikeabout. See the Pics!

New Fun and Games
I've been playing with video lately, and finally have a bike-themed movie for your viewing pleasure. Bring your broadband connection and play! Start here.
Diversion Alert!
Much of my brain is being absorbed by my current passion/obsession/addiction. Check it out here: Um... The video The Wind, The Wheel, The Wing has bicycling in it. Okay?

Summer 2004 -- More Wandering
Northward along the Oregon Coast, then inland to Eugene for the conclusion of the summer Bikeabout. See the Pics!
Early September
Southern Oregon Coast. Sunny and foggy weather along the rocky, tumbled edge of the continent. See the Pics!
Late August
Crater Lake to the coast! Cascade forests and the Coast Range in wet weather. See the Pics!
With a bit of help from Public Transportation, I pick up about where I left off last September and head off on the bicycle and into the sunset again. How long can this go on? See the Pics!

Spring 2004 -- Hawaii "Winter" 2003/2004
Springtime in Hawaii!
Almost like any other time in Hawaii, but a great time to review the "winter" in photographs. Pithy commentary too! See them!

April 1, 2004 - A Little Bit MORE World Famous (No Foolin'!)
Of 12,000+ entries in 5 catagories, 50 finalists have been chosen in the Smithsonian Photo Contest. I have had TWO photos chosen as finalists. Whee! Final results in June. See the gallery online here: Smithsonian Contest. Look for my photos under Americana and The Natural World. Or see these photos right on this site here.
December 2003 - A Little Bit World Famous
I've won a photo contest and the fame of having a photo on the Outside Magazine Online website. And won a new bicycle helmet to boot! Go there!

Summer 2003
Mid September - NE Oregon
Autumn rolls in as I ride a loop around the Wallowa mountains. With, uh, new friends! Photos!
Early September - Idaho
I've just completed a very nice traverse though the beautiful state of Idaho. Many backroads and lots of scenery. As usual. Photos here.
August - Off into the Sunset
North and West through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and into Idaho. Photos. A short essay here.
July - Colorado High Country Ramble
I wander by bike from Ouray to Grand Junction, though mountain meadows and a slice of the desert. A Photo Essay.
At Last!
I post the pictures and story of my Alaska kayak adventure at the end of last summer. Worth the wait? I'd like to think so. Start here. Or go straight to the pics. See the index of the whole summer here.
June - Desert Dash
My dad and I took a quick dash into the desert between Grand Junction and Moab. Our focus: Rattlesnake Canyon and its natural stone arches. Photo Essay.

Winter of our disconnect. 2002/03
February 2003
After being off crutches for 2 or 3 weeks, I thought it would be a great idea to backpack 22 miles along the rugged and beautiful Na Pali coast on Kauai. Photo Essay.
December 2002
I busted up my ankle, spent five weeks on crutches, and hobbled around for even longer. Even missed a day or two of biking. Read all about it.
November 2002
See photos from the Kona Ironman Triathlon World Championships 2002 on October 19. They come. They race. Is anyone sure why? Go!

October 2002


Northwest Edge
Summer 2002
I leave Hawaii and bike North along the West edge of North America. San Juan Islands, Washington. Vancouver Island and the Frasier River Corridor in British Columbia. Ended up on the ferry to Alaska for a kayak adventure. See the index to all the tales and pics from the summer here.

Bonus Photo Gallery of the mountain bike riders I met in Lillooet BC here.

Stomping, boating, busing, flying, and occasionally biking about Borneo from January to March, 2000
New Zealand
Touring by mountain bike through New Zealand, taking the backroads and byways as autumn moves into winter. April to June, 2000.
Cool pics of Hawaii in the Photo Gallery. Races. Rides. Stunning scenery. Ironman 2001 pics!
Lots of pics of riding. Cool trails near Grant Junction. Races and rides in Boulder. More.
See the Pics!
May 19, 2001
Work in Progress
Wandering in the desert from Grand Junction, Colorado to Moab, Utah. Following the stars. Shepherds guarding their flocks by night. Hair-shirted prophets. A woman lost and love found. Plus other visions caused by dehydration. Kokopelli's Trail. Most of the Paradox Trail. And the general line of the Tabeguache Trail. Read the first installment.

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